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"His name is Maxi Vecco and he is the owner of the key that connects the theater with audiovisual design"

Maxi Vecco, el diseñador visual de la escena. 
La Nacion. By Leni González

"The show is really impressive from the first second and it doesn't stop at any moment. The person responsible for this, Maxi Vecco"


Regreso en Patagonia. 
Espectaculos de aca. By Cecilia Alejandra Accorinti.


" addition, the very present and very sober videos of Maxi Vecco gave Piazzolla Futuro a dimension that could hardly have been imagined beforehand."

Bajo la dirección de Julio Bocca, la danza supo rendirle tributo a Astor Piazzolla. 
Clarin. By Laura Falcoff.

"An unusual scenographic technique, where a cone of images forced us, as books did when reading them, to imagine..."

Dante Conjetural, un concierto inolvidable.  
Acercando Naciones. By Jorge E. Tuero.

2000Viaje submarino_MArtinWullich.PNG

"About thirty people make up the team of this great production by Carlos Bacchi, among whom Maxi Vecco stands out in video design, contributing his professional talent for a staging with many technological resources, which mark a before and after in the children's proposals"

20000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino, tridemensionalidad teatral. Martin Wullich.

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