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El Principito / The Little Prince

Infobae. May 1st, 2009

“The Little Prince was premiered in 1996 at the Astral Theatre by María Leal and José Ángel Trelles and now it can be seen in a 360º stage and beautiful audiovisual projections designed by Maxi Vecco, who has carried out a research and integration work adding unpublished sketches of the author, as well as re-compositions of the original drawings made by Dalia Moreira.”

20000 Leguas de viaje submarino

Martin Wullich. By: Raport Duck. 26 July 2012 

“The musical numbers, masterfully interpreted, have quality and are very well cared for in terms of costumes, lighting, music and choreography. Some thirty people make up the team of this great production by Carlos Bacchi, among whom Maxi Vecco stands out in the video design, contributing with his professional talent for a staging with many technological resources, which mark a before and after in children's proposals”

Aladín, será genial.

Irene Bianchi. 10 July 2018

“The classic of "Arabian Nights " is in the framework of this super production, the magic that the story requires. Starting with the setting, in which projected images intermingle with corporeal scenery, enhanced by special effects, which gives the show a dazzling visual and sound beauty. There comes a moment when it is difficult to differentiate between the virtual and the real.”


Stravaganza. Sin reglas para volar

Geo Teatral. By: Martin Dichiera. 31 January 2017

“Mendoza's staging is really outstanding, on a visual level it is excellent, it has no flaws, at this point the lighting work by Ariel Del Mastro and Ariel Ponce, the costumes by Manuel González, and the scenic videos by Maxi Vecco, co-director of the play, stand out.”


Sagrado Bosque de Monstruos.

Info Arenales. By: Alejandro Cruz. 19 October 2018

“This sacred forest in charge of some enormously talented creators of the local scene possesses a visual appeal of great impact within the framework of a luxury production, of undeniable aspects.”


American idiot

Geo Teatral. By: Martin Dichiera. 30 August 2017

“Before the premiere, the fact that Ariel Del Mastro was responsible for the direction generated great expectations - especially considering his work in ¨Spring Awakening¨ and ¨Tango feroz¨ -, with this work he ratifies that he is one of the most interesting musical theatre directors in the country, his staging is magnificent, a dizzying pace, and although visually he owes much to the original American staging, every little detail is careful and thought out. As always by his side a first class creative team brings his concept to life, in this sense the scenic video design by Maxi Vecco is impeccable, as is the lighting design by Ariel ¨Gato¨ Ponce and Del Mastro himself, and the choreography by Maia Roldan.”


El Pequeño Poni

La Nación. By: Gabriel Isod. 20 August 2017

“The stage space consists of a table, several chairs and a coat rack, all in a furious white. As the play progresses, this asepsis will contrast with the corrosive problem that grows in the bosom of the family. There is also a painting that reflects, through the usage of projections, the face of the absent character that mobilizes the work: the couple's son, Miguel. Giving Miguel a face is something that the dramaturgy avoids and that the play prefers to reinstate, it serves as a reminder of what is at stake and that parents often forget”

La Butaca Web. By: Daniel Alvarez. 

“A remarkable stage resource has been the use of a painting of the child, which at scene changes, his face transforms also reflecting the general emotional state as the play progresses. This allows the actors and the audience to identify the changes in time and space, while reflecting on the acts that have occurred previously.”



La Nación.  By: Monica Berman. 15 April 2016.

“Technological, acting, musical resources and a lot of talent to build that totality of the life of St. Francis of Assisi, with the deep and creative look of Flavio Mendoza and Maxi Vecco, and the experienced acting direction of Norma Aleandro.” 


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